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Candle | WAX-Tromm | Cologne


The greater part of candles offered on the market today is made from raw materials that are available in large quantities. In the past this was mainly paraffin, a by-product of mineral oil refining. These days the major candle manufacturers are also using products obtained or extracted from vegetable oil, for example, stearic acid or hardened vegetable oil. Beeswax is used for more exclusive and more expensive candles. In addition to these basic materials, candle production also uses a series of special waxes, for example, to improve the burning properties, to obtain special effects, to adjust the burning mass for special production methods, or for decoration and ornaments to give candles a particular appearance. Tromm offers a wide range of formulated waxes, polymers and wax-related materials for various applications in candle manufacture. Our product range for the candle industry and the candle trade contains standard products well suited for candles, but also for other wax products, such as wax foils, wax reliefs, kneading masses and plasticine. Products for special applications are available on request. Additionally, our laboratory staff will provide further information or support for specific technical solutions.